Just arm everyone?

As I was listening to the radio on my commute home yesterday, I was absolutely shocked (disgusted) to hear the opinions of two callers with regard to the Virginia Tech shootings.

Their solution? Allow all students on all major campuses to carry a firearm. Even to class.

Hmmm. Yeah. That would solve everything. (Insert sarcasm here.)

I understand the thought of trying to defend yourself, but can you imagine if everyone whipped out guns in that kind of situation? Chaos would surely ensue. Accidental shootings would occur. Police officers wouldn't be sure who to arrest.

The day I walk into my University office knowing that my colleagues, and students, are armed with a weapon is the day I walk away for good.

So sad.


Mz Benz said...

Yeah but think about it - that's why schools/colleges/offices are such prime targets. If that Virginia Tech shooter knew that all, or at least some, of the people in the classroom building might have guns, would he have still done what he did? If the guy in Troy last week knew that Harry in Cubicle 4 had a CCW, would he have still gone in there and started firing?

While I'm definitely not advocating that everyone carries a gun around, I don't have a problem with people bringing them into schools. The people who carry guns legally (by getting a CCW, taking the classes, etc.) aren't the ones you have to worry about.

Just my two cents. I totally do understand where you're coming from though. My dad was in the NRA, so I was just brought up with a different outlook on guns.

Tiny said...

While I definitely understand your opinion (my exboyfriend, Ryan, owned a gun and was a member of the NRA), I would be more apt to trust law enforcement officers to do their job.

Knowing that Joe Schmo has a gun in his cubicle would not put my mind at ease.

And, even though people need to have background checks to own guns, what about those people, who like the VT shooter, did not have a history of violence and was allowed to purchase? Many people at the center of tradgedies such as this are legally given the right to carry guns.

Also, even though I would be against people carrying guns at the workplace, I understand why people might have them in their homes (hopefully SAFELY hidden from children)...

Nanookaloo said...

Weapons are just that, meant for aggression. A need for heightened Security contribute to xenophobia and a totalitarian society. I often wonder what is wrong with healthcare in the US, or the state of the population. It is really sad that such a massacre happens, but fighting it with guns certainly will not help.

I can imagine the janitor at my school in the early eighties carrying a gun. Jeez, that is really creepy. I would not look back upon such a childhood as safe. Neither would I if someone came shooting in the classroom, but that is at least a shocking revelation and a real trauma, not a overhanging fear. It is NOT normal to do such a thing.

If suicide attacks in schools becomes prevalent, as some egghead predicted on CNN yesterday, it still is not normal in any sense. Prevalent madness is a symptom of a society not functioning properly. It is not a clear threat from outside.

Everyone carrying firearms is in my view tantamount to war. It is not pleasant to have guns around.

Many feel otherwise, or think they do. I say, if you feel threatened by your fellow citizen, try to understand him or her. Maybe some of your fear will be abated, even if you don't feel that you can trust anyone being bening. At least you know how to asess a specific threat and decide whether to call the psychiatric ward or take a coffee.

I like to feel secure. I don't worry too much that someone wants to hurt me. If it is aimed specifically at me, I must defend myself with what I have, but I don't plan for it. If I have dangerous enemies, they can hurt me in a ten ways other than shooting me. Do I better my chances of survival if all around me carry CCWs, a gun and has vowed to uphold the law?