Does your appearance predetermine other’s perceptions of you? If so, in what ways and by how much? When people meet you, do they immediately decide what kind of a person you are and what you represent based on your height, weight, hair color, clothing, etc.?

I’m short. Never quite went through the kind of growth spurt most people go through. Reached “5 foot and one-half inch” in fifth grade. Haven’t grown since.

For me, most people tend to automatically box me in the “goodie goodie,” “doesn’t ever swear,” “cute and little,” “isn’t ever mean to anyone” category. Now, I’m not saying I do or don’t belong there… It just seems to be a perception that people get from me.

I know I should be happy that people see me as such because, obviously, it could be worse. Even so, it gets old. I’m not saying I’m the devil reincarnated. I’m just nowhere near as angelic as some people perceive me to be. (Exp. When I swear, I often hear, “Oh my gosh, I can’t believe you just swore! That’s the first time I’ve ever heard K swear!” – Crazy.)

Anyway, I’m just wondering if height has anything to do with it. If I were 5 foot 8 inches for instance, would people still be apt to say such things? Or, is it just the personality/attitude one conveys to people?


Mz Benz said...

Yes - I've had a lot of people tell me that their first impression of me (based on appearance alone) is that I look like a total bitch. Apparently I have a perpetually snooty look on my face or something. Coupled with the fact that I have dark features and am 5'11", I come across as some evil Amazon woman.

I actually got fired from a waitressing job because of this, the manager told me I always looked pissed off. I really don't mean to, I'm not even cognizant that I'm doing it. But there you have it. So you see Tiny, it could be worse! :D

TLC said...

Absolutely...I think one's appearance predetermine's someone's perception of that person.

I've been told that a first impression of me - like Ms. Benz - is that I'm a total bitch. And while, yes, I can be a bitch at times...I'm really a nice person.

I also hate that because I'm short I get stuck with a "cute" label. I'm not cute...baby chicks are cute. I'm a 34 year old mother of 2...I passed "cute" a long time ago.

Cez said...

Yep, that's how it is with us who are "vertically-challenged." We are forever perceived as cute and adorable. It doesn't matter how old we get. I'm 32, 5'0". I still get called "little lady", "young girl", or "sweetheart". It's not fun, but hey, it could be worse.

Anonymous said...

there are studies that show that men 6' and over make an average of $5,000/yr. more than men who are shorter.

people find tall people impressive and want to be like them, even though it is impossible to change your height.

Anonymous said...

i'm going to have to disagree with anonymous up there -- my dad is short and makes a lot more money than a lot of tall people. i think that's a bogus study.

and, i know many tall people who don't impress me and who i would NEVER want to be like.

frankly, i think it's stupid to judge someone based on their height.

Anonymous said...

the studies that were conducted were not bogus. do a google search and you'll find numerous info.

it is stupid to judge someone based on their height, but it happens. it's also stupid to base someone on their sex, race, age, etc. but it happens all the time.

Mz Benz said...

I'm going to have to agree with anonymous #1 - I've read the studies as well that indicate tall people tend to earn more.

Check this out for an example. So I suppose there are benefits to being tall... even if I can never EVER find pants that are long enough for me.