What a Holiday!

I know I've written about this before. However, I would just to reiterate my LOVE for the movie "The Holiday."

A so wonderfully purchased this movie for me as an early B-day gift. I swear I could watch it a million times in a row.

And, seriously, Jude Law has momentarily taken over the top spot on my list! (Until, I'm sure, Johnny Depp brings back Capt. Jack this summer... Maybe I'll forever have a tie for first place...)

If you haven't seen "The Holiday," you're missing out.


wrestling kitties said...

Ok, so I don't know if Jude (for me) could ever trump Johnny - but he is definalty a cutie in this movie!

I saw it this weekend and I really enjoyed it! I still don't like cameran (sp) diaz at all - but the other three characters TOTALLY make up for her! Very Very Cute!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Agreed, that is a GREAT movie. W.K., I'm so glad you liked it.