A bone to pick

I must start by first saying that I am indeed a fan of America's Next Top Model.

Here's what I don't understand. How can someone become "America's Next Top Model" who didn't even make the first cut last year? Correct me if I'm wrong, but this is a contest mostly based on looks, right?

I'm pretty sure Jaslene looked the same exact way she did last year.

Now, to all you Jaslene fans out there (N, I'm talking directly to you), it's not that I don't like Jaslene (although I find her voice as enjoyable as nails on a chalkboard), I just don't understand the judges AT ALL. They are incredibly inconsistent with their words of praise and criticism.


Anonymous said...

Ick. She won? I agree with you, her voice could not be any more annoying. She was not my pick.


Jaslenerulz said...

Some of us could see Jaslene winning a mile away...no need to be bitter. My guess is that they had some idiot like the lady from 17 magazine help with last year's auditions and she couldn't spot talent if it hit her in the face...Jaslene Rulz!!!

wrestling kitties said...

I was upset with this as well, however I really didn't care for too many of this years' contestants. None really made me go WOW! Plus I have been so super annoyed with Tyra....I have been watching most of the shows on fast forward so i don't have to listen to her talk, so maybe that is why I didn't really care for any of these girls.