Could have been worse

Today, I was hit.


In my car.


Minding my own business.

Waiting to meet my mom at a McDonalds.

Couldn't be mad.

The 80-some-year-old was too cute.

Only a slight scratch on my car.

A bit more on hers.

Just glad she didn't have a heart attack.


wrestling kitties said...

oh no! I hope everyone is ok!

This is just another reason why old people should NOT be driving!!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Kristin, I'm so glad you're okay! That's so scary, especially when you don't see it coming. xoxo Molls

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

#1. I'm glad you're ok.
#2. This is precisely why individuals over the age of 65 should have to take road test EVERY year...

But then again... it is Michigan... :-)

(Had to say it.)