For your viewing pleasure

A and I had an amazing time in San Francisco. My bro was quite the host and took us to Alcatraz, an awesome restaurant called Asia SF, the Castro, Walnut Creek, Sausalito, Berkeley and to the local cinema to see Pirates!
I may blog details later, but for now I thought I'd post some pics. Hope you enjoy!
* Please note that the girl in the picture above is actually a guy. Freakin' amazing! All the "waitresses" at Asia SF were absolutely beautiful, and "for the most part" male. If you're ever in the Bay Area, you totally need to check this place out. Awesome food and awesome entertainment.


wrestling kitties said...

How fun!!!

OMG - that girl is so pretty! That is crazy!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

That is the most beautiful waitress. Wow.