Jelly Belly's

A and I accompanied my bro to the Jelly Belly factory outside of San Fran this past weekend. We weren't there long. Just long enough to grab four bags of "Belly flops." (Talk about cute, creative and clever marketing...)

My favorite are the pear flavored beans. Do you have a favorite?
P.S. No, I'm not a particularly huge fan of Ronald Reagan. I just enjoyed this picture because it was made of jelly belly's. They had a ton of huge portraits such as this at the factory.


Anonymous said...

What are belly flops? Flavors that people don't like? Mess ups? I love buttered popcorn and pear. I also like watermelon. These little things really pack a punch of flavor! So good!


Tiny said...

The belly flops are the beans that are "messed up" in some way... like two stuck together and such.

They are soooo much cheaper and come in these great huge bags:)

Oh, also, I wanted to mention that A got Harry Potter jelly belly's and almost threw up after eating the vomit kind... Heheheh...

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I was just going to ask what belly flops were, too. Thank you for asking, M.

WHAT a cute thing. Awesome.

Mz Benz said...

I guess the whole reason Jelly Belly made blueberry beans was for Ronald Reagan. He loved jelly beans and they created the blueberry flavor so he could have red, white and blue beans in the oval office.

I think my fav is the marshmallow and margarita. Darn, now you've got me craving jelly beans! :)