Lingering questions

I know the "Heroes" finale was a few days ago, but I'm still trying to digest the awesomeness.
A couple of lingering questions though:
1) How come Peter could control his nuclear powers the other times and not in the end?
2) How come Peter just didn't fly away by himself?
3) Couldn't there have better a better showdown between Sylar and Peter?
4) What the heck is Mama Petrelli's power?
5) How cool was that when Simone's dad saw Peter?!
6) Do you think Nathan and Peter are gone for good? Matt? DL?
7) Do you think Niki/Jessica will be written off the show now that her character came full circle?
I'm SO excited for the next season. All you folks out there who didn't watch this season, be sure to visit your local movie rental store and catch up before fall! You won't be disappointed!

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