Shiver me timbers

Nope. You pretty much can't go wrong when you combine Mr. Depp, Mr. Bloom, eyeliner, pirate jargon, adventure and a whole lot of fun in one movie.

(I may be the easiest critic in the world when it comes to "Pirates" movies.)

We squeezed in a showing of "At World's End" this past weekend while in Cali. I walked in excited. I walked out excited.

The only (slight) complaints I have about the third installment were when Calypso got really huge (a bit tacky and out of place to me) and Keira Knightley continuing to talk through her teeth (makes a person insanely tense).

Two thumbs up from this blogger.


wrestling kitties said...


Too much talking, but overall I loved it!!! I want a fourth!!

Iris Took said...

Totally agreed with your statement. "Talking through her teeth" is a PERFECT way to put it.

Pirates and eyeliner....ah!