A lost art

I was bored in class the other day, so I decided that I would write something in an effort to entertainment myself and occupy my time. As I started writing what was going to be a post for this blog, I realized how long it had been since I actually put a pen to paper and just wrote. It felt awkward.

I'm so used to sitting down at a computer and typing out my thoughts, that, for the first time, it felt wrong - as if I were writing in slow motion.

Makes you wonder how long it will be before they brush aside paper entirely and teach first and second graders the art of typing on various-sized keyboards...


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

This, dear friend, is why I'm a journaler.

Doesn't it feel good to just write sometimes?!

M said...

I certainly hope that pencil and paper aren't eliminated from schools. That would be a travesty and cursive would be a lost art. That just can't happen.