Psychic powers

On the way to work today, I was listening to my morning show as usual when I heard there was going to be a psychic on in the upcoming segment. I was immediately pumped. (Ever since I visited the old, psychic, creole lady in a whole of a place down in New Orleans, I've believed in psychic ability - not mine, others'.)

Anyway, this gentleman psychic came on and proceeded to take calls. (I can't remember his name right this moment...) Unfortunately, I would liken the next ten minutes to not being able to take your eyes off of a car wreck. Caller after caller, he was unable to give them anything. Nothing. Notta.

It was truly quite painful. Everything he tried to say was already true or was going to happen, the callers would object to or discredit. I felt really embarrassed for him. At the same time, I realized I should just pack it up at work and become a psychic of sorts. If this guy's making a living doing this, why can't I?!

* Quick question. If you're really a psychic, wouldn't you be able to see that you're going to bomb on the radio and avoid that appearance?

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