We want movies!

A and I are thinking about getting a membership to Net Flix or Blockbuster so that we can have movies delivered right to our door.

Has anyone had good/bad experience with either Net Flix or Blockbuster?


A. said...

We subscribe to NetFlix and love it. They are great at customer service - everything is delivered when they say it will be delivered; when NetFlix lowered their prices, our existing price was lowered as well.

We've never had any trouble getting the movies we want when we want and it's nice not having late fees.

Go for it!

Flower Girl said...

J and I got Netflix as a Christmas gift and love it! If you rent a lot of movies, this will save you some serious money. Blockbuster is also good. Some friends of ours have it, the notable advantage being the ability to return movies right to the store and pick up new ones that day. Sometimes it is annoying to have to wait until Netflix gets your old movies and mails out new ones. Either way, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!