An experiment

Warning: This post is a bit personal. We're all adults, right?

I ran out of my birth control pills about two months ago.

A relative stranger to any new city I happened to be in at the time, I was unable to schedule a doctor's appointment to alleviate this issue. So, after 10 years of dutifully taking my pill around 10 p.m. every night - mostly to manage my terrible cramps - I decided that I'd get my body back to "normal" and just quit to see what would happen.

My observations thus far:

1. No more cramps! (Amazing!)
2. Shorter cycle (Also amazing!)
3. More zits (Not so amazing at all.)

All in all, a pretty good experiment if I do say so myself. That is, except for the constant breaking out of my face. (I finally broke down and ordered Proactive the other day. I'm sure I'll post about my trials and tribulations with the oh-so-famous product very shortly...)

I'll keep you posted on any future breakthroughs. (I know you're just dying to know.)


Curtis & Becky said...

I have tried the proactive solution and I didn't see much difference. I did use the mask a few times and then my face was like the Sahara desert! I did find that cetaphil works well (I bought the meijer brand , its cheaper!!)

Turtle Parade said...

I have to tell you, I started taking the pill to help with my horrible cramps and it worked wonderfully. Then, just over a year ago, my doc took me off of them because I was getting migraines...I thought I was fine (with the cramps) for a few months...but now they're getting bad again. sucks.

Mz Benz said...

You'll have to let me know if the Proactive works for you - I tried it sophomore year of college and it did NOTHING. But a friend of mine swears by it, so who knows.

I also think Cetaphil is the best stuff ever.

TLC said...

Oh, I swear by Proactiv. Have been using it for about 10 years...and love it. If I stop using it, I notice that my skin is not as soft (or as breakout-free).


Flower Girl said...

I've had more breakouts lately, too, due I think to the sweaty Midwestern climate. That could be part of it. I also use Cetaphil and swear by it. My sis does facials at her spa and she uses it, too. Good stuff. Good luck with your pill free experiment!