Hair troubles

Most of you who read this blog are aware of my ridiculous allergy to dyes of all sorts. You also know that I've had many troubles finding a salon that doesn't leave my head in shambles.

In T-Town, I had finally found my place. My salon. My colorist. My product. (Aveda.)

She was so wonderful, careful. And, the product only slightly discomforted my scalp.

Last night, I attempted to go to a new place up in the Mitten State. I searched online for Aveda salons close to home. The closest ended up being about a half-hour away. Not too bad, I thought.

I walked in to an all-Albanian staff. (Odd? Yes. But also quite interesting.) The woman and her assistant proceeded to foil me up - hearing all about my allergy rants but not ever quite listening. I could tell they didn't take it very seriously.

Sitting aside, waiting for the color to delve into my roots, I noticed my head burning a bit. I awkwardly interupted an Albanians-only conversation to notify them that I could tell my allergy was acting up. They said they'd be right with me. I sat there for an additional 10 minutes.

I became more angry with every second that passed.

She finally rinsed me. Dried me. Took me to the register where I paid an exorbent amount of money for a service that proved to be far less than noteworthy. To top it off, I'm pretty sure my head will soon be turning into a massive mess of unsightly scabs and burns. (It usually takes a day or two to do so.)

I am frustrated my friends. Very frustrated.


Tiny said...

For those people who might (intelligently) tell me to stop dying my hair... I can't. And, I'm sure I won't. I now know it's very possible to love my locks. It's just a matter of finding the right stylist and product.

Tiny said...

P.S. Suggestions are very welcome!

Mz Benz said...

Seriously, if your head gets all scabby you should march back in there and demand your money back. I'll even go with you, I'll wear my tallest heels and throw around scary lawyer terms. :D

Tiny said...

Hehehe... Thanks Mz Benz:)

I may take you up on that!

(P.S. It's looking like my head is going to be ok this time around... thank goodness for aveda!)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I agree with MZ benz. If you have a scabbing issue - go back in there, AND take photos. Ridiculous customer service.

I have absolutely no advice, except maybe you drive further, OR come back to Toledo to get your hair done. How regularly do you do it?

(I fly back to Toledo from MX for my hair still. Sad. My colorist has given me "touch up" to do myself in the interim, though. NO ONE knows my hair better than her.)

My favorite line in your post..."I awkwardly interrupted an Albanians-only conversation..." lol.

Flower Girl said...

My sis was trained at an Aveda school, and they pride themselves on their natural products. I hope you don't end up with too much itching and burning! But I agree, go back if you do. There's no excuse for that. Salons live or die by customer recommendations, so they should be more than willing to make you happy. (And scab free). :)