What do your dreams mean?

I dreamt repeatedly of spiral staircases last night.

Also, I vividly remember vacuum cleaners as well.

Very strange.

According to this website, my dreams symbolized the following:

Spiral staircase
To see spiral or winding stairs, signify growth and/or rebirth.

To see a vacuum in your dream, suggests feelings of emptiness. You may be experiencing a void in your life. Alternatively, you may need to clean up your act and your attitude.

Very interesting indeed.


Iris Took said...

Dreams are so interesting. I find that they can be interpreted so many different ways. Do you keep a dream journal?

wrestling kitties said...

I also love dreams! It is so weird how the mind works.

Steve said...

Wow, that is interesting! Although, I think that interpretation of the spiral staircases is a little vague. Were you going up or down the staircases? Up would most likely signify growth, while down would most likely signify the opposite. Just my opinion, of course :-)