The. Best. Show. Ever.

So many questions...

1. What's up with Nathan's face?
2. Is Molly seeing Peter in her dreams? Peter's mom?
3. Who killed Hiro's dad?
4. Just how evil is Peter's mom?
5. What's up with the newbies?
6. What about Matt's baby?

I really had forgotten how great this show is.

Absolutely awesome.

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Two/Dos Pretzels said...

1. No doubt! Nathan's face was crazy. Perhaps he smooshed it when he was busy blowing up in the season finale?

2. Ohhhh...not sure about that one. Molly freaks me out.

3. I have no idea who killed Hiro's Dad. Linderman? I like to blame him.

4. SUPER evil. I don't trust that woman at all. (However, how nice that an older woman has such an important role in a TV show. Nice.)

5. I hate newbies. They brought some on to LOST last season and they were a waste of time.

6. I'm glad you remembered Matt's baby, too! I was wondering what happened with that.

(Interesting not to see Ali Larter at all in the episode, no?)