Hot or cold?

How do you prefer to eat leftover pizza?

(I prefer to eat mine cold. My husband thinks that's disgusting.)


Anonymous said...

I like pizza room temperature, even when its fresh... sort of still warm, but the cheeses has had time to firm up.

A. said...

I like my leftover pizza cold. Sometimes I think I like leftover pizza more than fresh pizza.

On a related note, Vito's Pizza now has a Tony Packo's pizza. B. had it last week, but it had mustard on it so I didn't try it.

wrestling kitties said...

I agree, leftover pizza is really good cold. T. is the same way though and prefers it heated through, he actually heats his up in the oven so it stays crispy.

The Chairman said...

Cold is best when there are no large chunks of meat or mushrooms. Otherwise, I like cold pizza better than hot.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

C. eats his cold.
I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE leftover pizza more than regular pizza heated up in the microwave.