I'll never understand

...I almost blogged about this last night. I didn't, though, for fear that all the f-bombs dropping out of my mouth might make their way onto my blog and thus warrant an "R" rating from here on out....

I hate motorcycles. (Or unaware, unconcerned and/or reckless motorcylce drivers anyway...)

There. I said it.

I will never understand why people tempt fate in such a way.

I was driving home last night from class at about 9ish. Traffic sucked (per the usual) but we were moving quite rapidly along I-94.

People were driving like idiots as it was. Bumper to bumper at 70 mph.

That's scary enough for me.

Then, three motorcylces started weaving in and out of traffic - at least at 90 mph.

I was so angry. So scared. So concerned. So angry at being concerned. (I think my blood was actually boiling I was so worked up.)

If they're not concerned for their own lives, that's fine. But the chaos and calamity that ensues on the road in their aftermath should make them realize that it's not all about them.

Ridiculous my friends. Ridiculous.


Curtis & Becky said...

I do agree that those people are idiots and should not act so stupid!!

wrestling kitties said...

I think ALL the idiots who weave in and out between other vehicles on the highway are idiots. Practice a little patience people.

I don't think I have had too many motorcyclists do that to me on the highway. The ones who do are usually the same jackasses who will when they are in their cars as well. Those people in general need to be banned from driving all together.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! Nothing gets my blood pressure up more than these idiots (usually on crotch-rockets) acting as though they are invincible. Just ask J...he claims I have Tourettes Syndrome when I see these adrenaline seeking pea-brain morons! Arrgggg!

Anonymous said...

these are the people that give motorcycles a bad name. Real die hard cyclists would never do things like these, usually crotch-rocket drivers are just some punks.