Tracking techniques

Do you practice the old school method of balancing your checkbook?

Or do you just hop online to verify your transactions?

(My husband does the former... I practice the latter.)


wrestling kitties said...

I do both! I love keeping our check book balanced and am very anal about the whole process! I keep everything in one of those bank book things then every week or so I get online to make sure everything balances out!

I am a nerd, but I actually enjoy balancing our accounts!

Mz Benz said...

I used to meticulously balance my checkbook (mostly because I was constantly broke and needed to know how much money I had down to the last cent) but then I got lazy. Now I just look online.

M said...

I KNEW Wrestling Kitties would be the first to comment on this topic. I just knew it! This is right up her alley :)

I'm an online checker.

A. said...

I balance. At any given time, it's up-to-date. I can't have it any other way.

The Chairman said...

It should be no surprise that I keep an old-fashioned check register and have every check register I ever used (as well as every bank book).

TLC said...

all online. but then i double-check when my monthly statement comes, just because i ALWAYS forget to write something in there