ANTM - My picks

A brief breakdown:

Mila - Gone. I remember thinking she looked like a 43-year-old L.A. woman who has had WAY too much plastic surgery.
Kimberly - Gone. Tyra thought she was too "hoochie."
Lisa - Awesome bone structure. Photographs really well. She'll go pretty far.
Ambreal - I really don't remember her too much. Doesn't bode well for lasting in this competition.
Heather - Takes beautiful photographs. The only thing making things difficult for her is her Autism. She'll go far.
Chantal - Too cocky. Lacks skills. Won't last too much longer.
Bianca - She looks gorgeous with almost no hair. Needs to embrace that and show less attitude. She could go a ways.
Victoria - Gone. Good riddens. It's amazing to me how many super-intelligent people lack social skills.
Ebony - Very pretty. Not very high on the judges list at the moment due to her personality. If she does what the judges want, she should go far.
Saleisha - Cute new cut but she'll have to take things up a notch to last. She was in the bottom two last week.
Jenah - Slightly odd yet incredibly beautiful in photos. I'm not sure I'm digging the new 'do, but the judges seem to like it.
Sarah - The "plus" size gal. Doesn't leave a strong impression. Very pretty though.
Janet - Very cute. I'm not sure she's a model though.

My top picks:

P.S. I just found out the other day that my great friend, Miss Benz, actually tried out for this season of ANTM. And, she got called back!!! Too bad law school interfered and she was unable to go to the call back. She TOTALLY would have cleaned house!

P.S.S. I still CAN'T STAND Jaslene's voice!!!


Jaslene said...

Bravo Tiny! Can we just call Jenah "Gums" for short? When she opens her mouth that is all I can focus on. Beautiful photos though. Saleisha was my pick after seeing the first show but I'm starting to despise that pick. I think Janet's face looks too much like a man. Chantal is a flake. I loved how Victoria always fought with Twiggy...hilarious. The stripper from NJ is intriguing but not much of a model. Jaslene is the best ANTM winner EVER!! M and I can't help but wonder how many takes it took to get her Cover Girl commercials. The over/under is 15.

Flower Girl said...

I missed ANTM this week, due to a friend's birthday dinner. I felt a bit guilty about how sad I was! I agree with your picks, especially Heather. Her Ausberger's Syndrome makes her so much more interesting than the other girls. Can't wait 'til next week!