Do you believe...

... In ghosts and spirits?

Has anything ever happened to make you believe?


Flower Girl said...

I do believe, very much so, and not because of any particular experience. I just think there is too much in life that is unexplainable. And I believe in an afterlife, so it just makes sense to me that the afterlife may sometimes interact with this life.

Actually, when J and I bought a house, one of my #1 concerns was that it would be haunted! J thought I was crazy, but I really believe in ghosts. I think sellers should have to tell potential buyers about possible hauntings. I spent the whole first few weeks listening to every creak and squeak in our home. Luckily, I have not confirmed any actual sightings. :)

Two/Dos Pretzels said...


TLC said...

Yes I do.

We actually had a ghost at my parent's old house. We think it was the spirit of my great-grandma still attached to her antique furniture. Odd things always happened and we often heard footsteps upstairs when we were all downstairs.

Sounds crazy, but it's true.