Times are a changin'

Remember these gems?

I hadn't thought about them until I saw them for sale in a candy store over the weekend.

They were seriously my favorite Halloween treat back in the day. Now, I can't imagine people passing them out to our impressionable youth.

So, the question of the day is "Would you allow your children to eat/play with candy cigarettes?

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wrestling kitties said...

I LOVED that candy!! Even though they didn't taste the best.

Yes, my children will be allowed to eat those candies, they will be allowed to play with toy guns/knives, they will be allowed to dress up in clothes that are of the opposite sex, they will be allowed to do that stuff.

WHY? Well b/c as parents it is up to T&I to teach our kids what is just fun (make believe) and what is real. The more you try to keep things from your kids the more they are interested in them. (in my opinion) You take the taboo out of the situation and it is nothing more than a candy cigarette.