So wrong

H and I went to a Halloween party this past Saturday. She dressed as a baby on an old woman's back. (Hilarious.) I, compliments of a co-worker who randomly had a costume in her car the night before, dressed as a St. Pauli's girl. (Slightly risqué, but it was free so I figured it would be ok for just one night...)

Anyway, while at this party, I was introduced to a woman who was deck out in Renaissance apparel. About halfway into our conversation it dawned on me that she had a bump under her garment and appeared to be quite pregnant. Now, with a Mike's Hard Lemonade in her hand, I assessed the situation and thought, "hmmm... well maybe she's dressed up as a pregnant Renaissance woman." Not so much. About two minutes later she was talking about giving birth soon to her second child. All the while, drinking hard liquor.

I felt so awkward. I excused myself from the conversation claiming I had to use the restroom.

Now, I've always been a supporter of pregnant woman being able to have a glass or two of wine while pregnant. After actually seeing a six-month's along woman downing Mike's, though, I may definitely think twice about supporting it in the future. It was just so wrong on so many levels.


A. said...

It makes me so, so mad when pregnant women drink. You know my situation with my friend W., so I might take things to extreme, but so many women want kids and can't have them so to see someone pregnant being so careless p*sses me off.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I agree, A.

May I be so bold as to say this woman doesn't deserve another child.

An occasional sip, fine. Ok. Whatever, if you must...

However, why take the chance? Why gamble? And why be so cavalier as to act as if drinking in public, when visibly pregnant, is ok. How unbelievably dense.

TLC said...

OK, this just proves my point that some people should have to get a license before having children!

What was this woman thinking? Obviously she wasn't thinking about the effects of alcohol on her unborn baby.

She should be reported for abuse. [I wonder if that's legally possible??? Hmmm...].

MzBenz said...

A woman I work is pregnant and has one glass of wine every week. She's on her third kid and did the same thing with her second one. She thinks its fine and she not some white-trash idiot. She's an attorney and a very good mother. And her son (second child) is five years old and turned out fine.

I'm not advocating going on meth-benders every weekend, but I think an occasional drink is fine.

TLC - no you can't be reported for abuse for drinking, as there is no law against it. Plus the law is unclear as to whether a fetus is considered a "child" and can thus be a victim of abuse.