TV "Journalists"

My husband HATES Matt Lauer. Every morning I hear him comment on how unprofessional and ridiculous he thinks Matt Lauer is. Personally, he really doesn't annoy me all that much.

I understand not appreciating TV "journalists" though. Often times, it seems they're more concerned with creating excitement or drama than in actually relaying news stories.

Back in the day, I used to really like Katie Couric. Somewhere around 2002, though, my like turned into dislike. And don't even get me started on Ann Curry's dramatic "Good morning. Good morning" thing she does every day.

Do you have a favorite or least favorite newscaster?


TLC said...

the entire today show "cast" annoys the crap out of me. started with katie couric and continues to this day. i cannot, CANNOT watch that show.

who doesn't annoy me? Charlie Gibson on ABC. he's no-nonesense, good old fashioned news reporting.

however, that being said: If I hear one more reporter say to a fire victim "What do you wish you would have taken from your [now burned to the ground] house?" -- well, I am going to lose my freakin' mind!!!!! What kind of question is that???

Two/Dos Pretzels said...


Back when I was living full-time as an American, I was ALL about the Today show. However, I loathed Katie Couric. (Figure that out.)

Matt Lauer, however, never really bothered me. But, interesting tidbit - my cousin's husband said that Matt Lauer is super-short. Like a mini-man.

I absolutely ADORE Ann Curry. (On the Today show.)

The Chairman said...

My wife LOVES everything about the Today Show. I used to. I was a big Bryant Gumbel/Jane Pauley fan back in the day. I miss Campbell Brown on the weekends, but like Lester Holt.

My favorite morning show is now The Early Show on CBS (except for Julie Chen). The people on the show (except for Julie Chen) seem quite genuine. Maggie Rodriguez on Saturday mornings? The BEST.