Must. Be. Patient.

I would like to preface my next statement by first saying, no, I don't think Christmas items should hit stores until after Thanksgiving.

That said, I cannot wait to put up our Christmas tree. Something about the holiday season just makes me absolutely giddy.

Just like the fall leaves rule in my office, though, I'm told I must wait until after I eat Thanksgiving dinner...

(Seriously, tell me that picture doesn't make you happy somehow.)


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Oh, I agree! Putting up Christmas stuff is so lovely. YAY for you.

wrestling kitties said...

I agree too!!! We can not wait! This entire holiday season just puts us in a great mood!

TLC said...

i like the whole decorating aspect of christmas too -- it's the other stuff i can do without (shopping, etc).

we put our tree up on thanksgiving morning -- it's our little tradition.