Technological Kinks

I love email. I really can't imagine life without it.

Today, though, I wanted nothing more to do with email. With technology. With anything of the sort. Ever. Again.

Why you ask? Well, when I got to work today, I realized, by the plethora of spiteful, angry emails that the email I had sent to 7,500 people yesterday was STILL being sent.

Yes. Some people received the same email 1 time. Some 5 times. Some up to 12 stinkin' times!

We found out that it was apparently a server issue. This realization, however, did not make the day any easier.

I spent my day replying apologetically to angry, pissed off alumni.



A. said...

Why do people get so mad about stuff like that? If I got an e-mail 12 times, I don't think I'd do anything. I think I'd chalk it up to a technological error.

TLC said...

those alums need to chill out.

it's not as if you kept hitting "send" and you don't have control over the server.