Welcome to my world

Last night, my dream sequence included:

- Going to marching band practice

- Meeting my friend, N, at band practice and then going to his pool

- Meeting Owen Wilson and Vince Vaughn in N's pool

- Going to Owen and Vince's place

- Flirting quite a bit with Owen and Vince

- Leaving their place on rollerskates

- Crossing the street with mom mom (still on rollerskates)

- Arriving in Paris (still on rollerskates)

- And then walking (rolling) down the stairs in a parking garage

What does it all mean!
Am I crazy?

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Anonymous said...

Interesting....very interesting. I'll try to analyze it: Much of it probably has to do with you being home on Wed. You must have passed the high school and subconsciously, or consciously, thought about marching band & N. Then Vince Vaughn arrived because J looked like him at the Halloween party last weekend. The rollerskates come in because you were in your childhood neighborhood at B & Ms. Paris because you are excited about our trip. The parking garage, I'm not so sure about...I'm guessing you park in them for work & are fearful of them (parking garages are so eery!)
Awesome that you remembered so much detail!