Wonders of Wireless

I'm currently sitting in my class. Online.

This is a whole new educational experience for me. Not once at WMU did I peruse the Internet whilst in class.

As a professor, I'm pretty sure I'd hate the students who bring in laptops. Yup. I'd say only half are actually paying attention and taking notes.

In related Internet news... I'm pretty sure I'm quite addicted to being online. I. Really. Must. Show. More. Restraint....


MzBenz said...

Yeah the Internet at WSU is both the worst thing ever and best thing ever. I'll never forget the day one of our professors let us out of class early. As I gathered my things to leave, I noticed that the majority of the class were still in their seats, staring intently at their laptops. As the bewildered prof and a handful of other students made their way out of the room, I looked back and realized what was going on - every single person was watching the Tigers playoff game online. They hadn't even realized class was over.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

Isn't that semi-uncomfortable knowing that the people around you can see what you're surfing?