The Buzz Game

A picked this little gem up at Best Buy the other day after seeing a few commercials for it on TV.

I would rank it about an 8 out of 10 on the fun-o-meter. It's fast-paced and pretty darn entertaining. And, I'm guessing it'd be even more fun with more people.

My only complaint would be that it doesn't ask quite enough questions that really make you think.

Have you tried it out yet?


wrestling kitties said...

I have never heard of this?! Is it a trivia game?

Tiny said...

It is... It's actually pretty darn fun too:)

M said...

Interesting. Can you tell us more? What do you do? How do you play?

This may make for interesting gift and/or Christmas Day family fun.

Tiny said...

No problem. I think it cost like $39. It's a Playstation 2 game, so you (or someone close to you) needs to own a Playstation.

You can either play the Quiz Show game, which involves a variety of rounds of questions and fun games. Or, you can just play the quickfire quiz way, where you select how many questions you want to be asked, and then you just duke it out like Jeopardy (minus the final question).

It's pretty cool.