My idol

I was walking behind an older woman, perhaps in her 70s, in Target this evening when something struck me as just a touch odd.

I eyeballed her from her gray-white hair down to her black three-inch stiletto heels....

Ah Hah! Mystery solved.

I hope when I'm that age I 1) have the nerve to wear (some) clothing that people say I shouldn't and 2) am healthy enough to do so.

She was definitely my idol of the night.


M said...

Awesome. That will be me.

MzBenz said...

I hear you. Back when I was in the restaurant biz, I waited on countless blue-haired octogenarians who always ordered some combination of water/tea/soup/side salad. One day a tiny old woman was seated in my section. I inquired as to what she would like (already mentally punching "ice water with lemon and dinner salad" into the computer), but to my surprise she responded with "Steak, medium rare, and bourbon on the rocks."

HELL yeah! That is my kind of lady.