Did you vote?

Michigan had its primaries yesterday for presidential candidates. And, I'm a little ashamed to say that I didn't embrace my rights as a U.S. citizen. I did not vote.

Part of this has to do with still having an Ohio license, which I swear I'll get changed soon. The other part, though, is that I don't see primaries as important as the big day. Strange logic, I know.

Also, I think I'm already annoyed by the whole process. I mean really. Why do they need to start campaigning so early?

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wrestling kitties said...

That's ok. No judgement!

I think ours is in March - YAY!!

I think the purpose to help narrow down and determine who will be the democratic and republican individual supported by their designated parties. It plays the part of determining the popular vote and who will be on the ticket so they can start campaigning for the Nov. Election!

I do think the media coverage is a bit over done. I wish they would focus more on what the canidate stands for, but that is just media overkill for you!

I think the primaries are very important but I do also think that they are being a bit ridiculous about the coverage. However, that may also just go to show how desperate we all are for a new president!