I heart Bravo (almost as much as HGTV)

First things first. Did anyone happen to see Lauri's wedding on "Real Housewives of Orange County?" How beautiful was that?! Can you imagine actually spending that much money on a wedding? Everything was absolutely gorgeous. And, what about Jo coming back? I loved that everyone was like "I guess she's singing now?..."

Embarassingly enough, I can't wait for the N.Y. season.

Secondly, did anyone happen to catch that millionaire matchmaker show? If so, isn't the woman who runs the operation just some kind of glorified pimp? Between the sleezy millionaires and the golddigging pop tarts, I'm turned off by the whole idea. What did you think? Will you be watching?


M said...

Two Pretzels wrote about this too and I was happy to see that so many people do watch this show. I'm a fan. The wedding was very nice.

I laughed when I saw Jo. She looks so anti-The Real Housewives now. She was looking more 'street'.

The New York one should be fun. I bet it's way different.

TLC said...

the wedding was very nice. i am hooked on that show too. but really, what's up w/ Jo coming back? weird.

i'm looking forward to the NYC show too. i just have to laugh, none of these women are "housewives" in the true sense of the word. but i guess that's the genius of it.

the millionarie matchmaker show is just icky. and her hair! oh god, don't get me started on it. i think it's the bangs...1/2 the time they're all stringy and ugh.