I'm glad I wasn't on the invite list

I'm really not sure how I would have reacted to a life-sized bride cake.
I think I would have done the following:
1. gasped
2. laughed
3. spent the rest of the night wondering what body parts tasted the best
I wonder if her husband requested "You're so vain" as the official cake-cutting song.
For a clearer pic, click here.


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I'm probably going straight to h.e.l.l, but that is the most hideous thing I've ever seen.

What would possibly convince her that this acceptable?


wrestling kitties said...

What convinced her is probably the fact that she thinks this is only HER day and she is so vain that she is getting married to simply be the center of attention. Ridiculous.

TLC said...

ok that cake takes the term Bridezilla to a whole new level.

how very incredibly scary. and disturbing. and yes, vain.

some people will do anything for attention.