Verdicts please

Well fellow D-Towners and metro surburbanites. Did you watch Kwame's public address last night?

If so, what'd you think?

* My thoughts are in the comment section.


Tiny said...

I'll try to make this short.

- SO contrived. SO PRy. (In a church?! Holding hands on cue with his wife?!)
- He never actually stated why he was apologizing. (I realize he didn't have a choice due to possible legal implications...)
- They tried to portray him as a victim.

Everything was done exactly the way it had to have been done. This makes it no easier to bear in my opinion though.

Bottomline - You cost a struggling city $9 MILLION! I don't care about the affair or what happens within your family at this point. I care about how you're going to repay the citizens of Detroit.

MzBenz said...

OMG I wanted to vomit. The whole part about how "people are saying I should quit, but I won't quit you!" was just absurd. Great, because if there's one thing the people of Detroit need it's a perjuring shyster with no respect for family values as their leader. Stick around and do some more great work for the city, will you Kwame?