Vicious cycle

Will someone PLEASE drag my butt to a nice makeup counter ASAP? Or, at least provide step-by-step instructions to order shades online that won't make me look like a dolled-up tranny?

Every time I'm out of makeup, I seem to be in a hurry. I then stop at my local grocery/drug store to pick up a quick fix. NEVER turns out quite like I hope.

I need help. Bad. I have absolutely NO clue what I'm doing with colors (for my skintone) or what brands are best.


Anonymous said...

Try Bare Minerals . . . .get the starter kit from Sephora . . . .it comes with a DVD to show you how to use it!

Steve said...

What's wrong with looking like a dolled up tranny? :-P Just kidding...I think you always look stupendous anyways, you shouldn't worry about it too much :-D

Tiny said...

Aw... Thank you Steve!!!!