Contract Schmontract

Per my usual routine (on the days I don't get to take the ipod to work...!), I was listening to the radio this morning. The topic of the segment was that there are actually brides out there who are now demanding that bridesmaids sign contracts to be in their weddings.

Some of the contracts include:

- You will not gain weight.
- You will not get your hair cut.
- You will not get any tattoos before the wedding.

Seriously? Since when did this become a sort of business transaction?

This is completely asinine! If someone were to ask me to sign such a thing, I'd be out of their wedding in a heartbeat. Isn't it about being close? Being friends? Being accepting of loved ones? Being happy they're part of your big day?

Good thing I have such wonderful friends:)


Anonymous said...

Think again, my friend. I dropped your matron of honor contract in the mail today. Have your attorney look it over. NOT!!!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I have heard of this. In fact, I think it's common in my neck of the woods with our wealthy clientèle.

I believe have some have "working out" stipulations, as well.

MzBenz said...

Fear not Tiny, I will review Miss Anonymous' contract for you! :) You know what's sad - when I was picking out bridesmaids dresses, I commented to my friend/bridesmaid R that "Damn, I was going to have one sexy bridal party!" The girl working at the store actually looked really surprised and stammered, "Wow, that's good to hear - some brides are like, I don't want my bridesmaids to look too good in their dresses!"

Um. Seriously? How stuck up and insecure are you if that's what your worried about!?!

Tiny said...

Hehehe... Thanks mzbenz. It's good to know I have a uber-talented attorney in my corner. I'm afraid anonymous may play dirty.

Seriously, I can't believe people out there would even think to do something like this...

wrestling kitties said...

I had a very strict contract for my bridesmaids and those girls broke every single one of my rules.

Two got tattoos, one got pregnant, one lost lots of weight, none of them wore matching dresses, they did what ever they wanted with their hair, one got married within 6 months after MY wedding,they all had potty mouths...bitches. I mean COME ON! Is it too much to ask to follow these simple rules on a day that is meant to do nothing more than celebrate how wonderful and beautiful I am?!?!

The lawyers are still looking all the details over. We should have it worked out in the next 20 years. Until then, I do not talk to these girls without a lawyer present.

(hehehe, please note sarcasim)