I'm disgusted

Let me start this post by saying, yes, I love celebrity culture. I love leaving my own world for a brief period of time and sneaking a glimpse into the lives of those with fame, money and glory. I know my time could be used in MANY more inspiring and creative ways; for whatever reason, this doesn't seem to deter me.

That said, I would like to express my sheer disgust over the fact that a magazine is willing to shell out $6 million for one picture that includes a star (who, if you ask me, isn't nearly as relevant as she used to be) and her yet-to-be-born twins. $6 million?! Seriously? What has this world come to? (I will certainly lose respect if this money isn't given to those in need somewhere in the U.S. or abroad.)

I am going on the record to say that my purchasing of celebrity magazines may, in fact, be finished.


OG said...

Yeah... I don't understand the big obsession with pregnant celebrities. I'm sorry, but last I checked getting knocked up wasn't an accomplishment worthy of the Nobel Prize. A week before Nicole Richie announced she was pregnant she was billed as a crack-snorting bulimic skank, and then a week later the same tabloids have dubbed her to be an angelic lady. WTF. Not to mention I am SICK of all the cover shots with the pregnant ladies bellies. I get it. You have a big stomach because there is a fetus inside. Move on.

wrestling kitties said...

What annoys me is that celebrities are taking money to from these places to give a picture in the first place. I think that is just wrong.

I understand celebrities were first doing this to prevent the paparrazi from trying to snap a picture when they were walking around with their newborns...but now it is just ridiculous that people are selling out their kids.

I also think that kids should be off limits for pics anyways. There needs to be some law that says pictures can not be taken of kids by papp. or be within 50-100 feet of celebrities & their kids.

MzBenz said...

OK so... I made the comment above by "og". Apparently I wasn't logged in correctly.

TLC said...

it really is akin to selling your kids.

really...$6 million for j-lo's kids? c'mon. let's just hope they don't look like her husband. haha.

in all seriousness though, these celeb kids are going to all turn out like Britney Spears because they are being turned into paparazzi pawns at birth. it's ridiculous and sick and bad parenting.

shame on these celebs. and the mags who buy the photos.