My dog is human

Thanks to H's heads-up, A, myself and Cooper watched a good hour of the Westminster Dog Show on TV last night.

I swear, Cooper watches the television like a human. For whole segments. It's amazing. Will your dog/cat watch TV? Specific shows?

Oh, and seriously how fun is it to watch the men and women trainers prance along with their pups?


Dr. Turtle said...

Whenever we put on any type of animal show on my cat, Ozzy, sits on the footstool and intently watches. When commercials come on, he'll wander up to me for a few cuddles, then back down to the stool to watch.

It's hilarious.

wrestling kitties said...

We watched last night as well!!! I love watching!

Our little cat Belle watches TV all the time. If it is something that has alot of movement she is all about it! Last night she was sitting right under the TV looking straight up. We told her she was a bit close, she didn't listen - typical! haha