Not again

Oh man.

Don't you just love it when your husband (or significant other) orders about 10 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies?

I. Must. Refrain...

Damn Caramel delites (a.k.a. Samoas)!


TLC said...

haha! we were just talking about this at work today. one of my coworkers said her parents bought $50 worth of cookies and left all but 2 boxes at her house!

as much as i LOVE gs cookies, i dont' buy them. why? because i would eat an entire sleeve of thin mints in one sitting. or 1/2 a box of the peanut butter chocolate cookies. by myself.

must. refrain!

Iris Took said...

Carmel Delights are the devil. I could easily smash an entire box in one sitting.

wrestling kitties said...

seriously...we stopped ordering these as well b/c of how addicting they are! The Samoas have to have crack in them!!!!