Will you celebrate?

Are you celebrating Valentine's Day with your sweetie this year?

Any great gift ideas you'd like to share?

While I will not be with my sweetie (Can I get a woohoo to the Virginia road trip, girls?!), I'm thinking of making a crafty card like the one in the picture to the right. Then, when I give it to him, we'll look at each other just like that. Awwww.

In all seriousness, we'll probably do a nice dinner out. Josephine's was pretty darn yummy A...


MzBenz said...

D's studying for the Bar Exam right now, so Valentine's Day will probably be pretty low-key - I'll cook him dinner and then he'll have to study until 1 a.m. as per usual. (Did I mention the Bar Exam is evil?) I'm getting him a new wallet as a present because his old one is toast!

TLC said...

my hubby and i aren't doing anything for valentine's day. our oldest has class that night, so one of us will be taking her. and, my b-day is the 12th, so we're going out to dinner that night. oh well. i guess once you have kids, all the romance goes right out the window!

[mzbenz...oh man, the bar exam is EVIL. which is why i stopped trying to pass it. :) try to have a good valentine's day anyway!]

wrestling kitties said...

We sometimes cook dinner, but I think V-Day has gotten way out of hand and is just a commercialized day of the year.