A coincidence?

Ever think about that fact that all the "Best Actor" honors this year went to Europeans?

Javier Bardem No Country for Old Men (from Spain)
Tilda Swinton Michael Clayton (from England)
Daniel Day-Lewis There Will Be Blood (from England)
Marion Cotillard La Vie en Rose (from France)

What does that tell us? Basically, if you have an accent or are from a faraway land, you're a better actor. Seriously, even since Johnny Depp has moved abroad he's gained more credibility... (I would SO be packing my bags if I were Jessica Alba. Although I'm fairly certain that wouldn't help in her case anyway...)

P.S. I still haven't seen any of the above movies... Any worth seeing?


wrestling kitties said...

my parents and sister loved No Country for Old Men. We are going to watch it soon.

Even some of the actors on newer TV shows are from that area but acting with an American accent. I just think British actors are not as arrogant as the US actors and are more diverse and willing to experiment in roles...which makes for better movies. Though there are some fantastic experienced american actors....there are not too many newer ones out there like there are overseas.

I tend to love all things British, we have BBCA on all the time. So maybe I am a little biasis, but I am excited for them and think they deserve the recognition.

M said...

We saw No Country for Old Men and my opinion is that it's one of those films that you don't necessarily think is good, but you can't stop thinking about it. I'm not sure what there is about it to make me love it, but I certainly think Javier Bardem is awesome in this movie. His character is terrifying.