How many do you visit?

The list of Top Ten Websites as visited by college-aged females for the month of February 2008:

1) Facebook
2) YouTube
3) Google
4) PerezHilton.com
5) CNN
6) MySpace
7) Yahoo
8) School's Site
9) AOL
10) Post Secret
I know I'm a bit out of the target demographic for this poll, however, I still frequent many of the above sites. You?
(I've never heard of Post Secret... I'll have to check it out...)


Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I regularly visit:

Post Secret

You've never heard of Post Secret?!?!!

Tiny said...

Nice... Actually, after I visited it today to see what it was, I realized that I think I've been there - cuz of your blog?

wrestling kitties said...

I go to CNN, Google, Myspace, MSN on a daily basis. I visit youtube on the weekends!!! It is a great way to blow a couple hours!

TLC said...

i visit: CNN, Facebook, Google, Yahoo and i have no idea what Post Secret is either. i am off to check it out. :)

Iris Took said...

1) Facebook - Never, I am way too old for that
2) YouTube - Yes, all the time
3) Google - Yes, toolbar, gmail, blogger!
4) PerezHilton.com - No
5) CNN - Sometimes
6) MySpace - Rarely
7) Yahoo - Rarely
8) School's Site - Rarely
9) AOL - never
10) Post Secret - never