I feel naked

My wedding/engagement rings are getting re-rodium dipped.

I can't stand not having a ring on my ring finger. It feels odd.

I may have to whip out some old classic to take its place for a while. I'm thinking of bringing out my circa-'98, Viking class ring just for laughs... (Not really.)
* This is not a picture of my rings. I just thought they were pretty.


Anonymous said...

Molly says: I'm dreading the time that I'll have to fork my ring(s) over for redipping. I nearly went hysterical when I had it resized and had to part with it for 20 minutes!

TLC said...

i haven't been able to wear my wedding band for about 4 weeks and i am none too happy about it.

i got sick with this thing that caused my joints to swell and apparently they haven't unswollen (yeah, i think i just made that word up)...so therefore, no ring.