If you only had six words...

Since Tiny seems to be a bit busy with work, classes, and talking on the phone (see below post), I thought I would step in as "Ghostwriter" and relieve her today.

Some people write autobiographies hundreds of pages long. What if you only had six words to sum it up? In Women's Health (my fav mag of all time!), they asked some of the staff to do such a thing. Some examples:

"Make stupid mistakes. Forgive myself. Repeat."
"Keeps champagne handy, just in case."

"Wrote this at the last minute."

"Ride, crash, laugh. Do it again."

"Ran fast. Forgot where I was going."

"I'll need more than six words."
"Hated Barbies. Now professional doll dresser."

"Ten cities, 12 boyfriends, one dog."

"Loves knowing, captures moments, kisses often."

...what would you say?


MzBenz said...

Takes a lickin', keeps on tickin'.

wrestling kitties said...

"Loved, Laughed, Lived and was crazy!"

Tiny said...

Learning and loving every single day.