The joys of email

I love email. I love the Internet.

That said, I wonder what it was like working before it all existed?

Today was an average day.
- 63 emails sent
- 76 emails received
- 65 emails flagged and waiting for me to take action

(I'm sure many of you could post similar/higher email stats...)

I wonder how much time the average professional spends each day emailing? Does it really help or hinder?


TLC said...

it is odd to think about this...what DID we do before e-mail, the internet, blogging, etc?

you mean people had to actually pick up the phone? or get out of their office and walk to another office to talk w/ a coworked?

oh the horror. hahaha.

wrestling kitties said...

HA, seriously!

I do think we may be a bit sainer and more relaxed. People email things that are just not that important and email at all hours of the night, where as before...they would have just waited and done it during normal business hours. At the end of the day, you go home and eek....spend time with your family! :)

With that said, I loves me my email!

The Chairman said...

I'm sure you remember me reminiscing about the days before technology invaded the workplace, which was not so long ago, really. When I got my first professional job, in 1993, e-mail and the Internet (but not the web--I remember no graphics) surely existed, but were not used by all. There was less urgency about minor matters and, I think, more work really got done. I am an old fart.

(BTW: I was explaining to a student intern how one made corrections with a manual typewriter--with those little powdered pieces of paper--he looked at me like I was an alien from the planet Geezer.)