A good laugh

I was trying to find my favorite TV blooper where an old guy on Family Feud (the Britain version) says “turkey, turkey, turkey.” Have you seen it? Cracks me up… Anyway, came across these instead. They are real answers given by contestants on the Britain game show.

Q: Name something a blind person might use.
A: A sword.

Q: Name an occupation where you need a torch.
A: A burglar.

Q: Name a famous brother and sister.
A: Bonnie & Clyde.

Q: Name a dangerous race.
A: The Arabs.

Q: Name something Red.
A: My cardigan.

Q: Name a number you have to memorize.
A: 7.

Q: Name something you might be allergic to.
A: Skiing.

Q: Name something you do in the bathroom.
A: Decorate.

Q: Name something associated with the police.
A: Pigs.

Q: Name a sign of the zodiac.
A: April.

Q: Name a kind of ache.
A: Fillet 'O' Fish.

Q: Name something with a hole in it.
A: Window.

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Two/Dos Pretzels said...

THAT, was good fun.

Very nice.