Goodbye my trusty steed

It is with much regret that I inform you about my loss. Earlier this morning, I had to throw out my trusty eyelash curler.

Handed down to me from my mother, my curler was somewhat of an antique. For years, I depended on the slight curl and fullness it would give my limp lashes. To say it was hanging on by a thread would be an understatement. Today, unfortunately, was the day the whole darn thing came apart.

Anyway, I've tried other curlers in the past, but haven't had the same results. Have you, or anyone you know, found a curler that you're happy with? If so, please, help a gal out.


Michelle said...

This is one product I could not live without, so I understand your grief. And I send my sincerest sympathies. The one I use is Cover Girl, I believe. Found at your local Target or Meijer. Just your standard curler, nothing fancy, but I like it. Best of luck in finding a replacement.

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

I have a regular, buy-it-anywhere revlon one.

I too, could not live without it.

Fun trick: Run your eyelash curler under hot water for about 5 or 10 seconds, dry it off, then curl your lashes. The heat helps them to curl better.

I don't do this all of the time - but each time I do it, I'm amazed.

Good luck.

Tiny said...

Thank you both for your suggestions... Perhaps I'll check out both kinds... I've never heard of heating your eyelash curler like that, but it totally makes sense I suppose... I'll definitely try that!

Two/Dos Pretzels said...

(Just be careful not to burn your eyelid with too hot of water... Seriously, it happens.)

Tiny said...

Good to know... Thanks!