Hmmm. Is that a good idea?

Jennifer Aniston has made it clear that she might be up for a reunion Thanksgiving episode of "Friends." My first reaction is that it would be a mistake. It was a fabulous show. We loved it. But, now, after "Joey" and other after-Friends careers, would it even be the same?

For the record, if they did do it, I would certainly watch.


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Jenn said...

I agree that this may not be the best thing!!! It was a great show but you stand the chance of ruining EVERYTHING if the show is a flop and sucks! Are they willing to take a chance like that???

Besides, the hardest part (so I have read) of actors who have been on a hit TV show is removing themselves from the characters they played. If they go back they will prove they are those characters....to risky in my opinion!

Michelle said...

Agreed. We loved the show. We loved the characters. We've mourned the ending of the show (although it was at the right time.) We have our good memories. Why change that?

I'm not quite sure what they hope to gain from this, besides probably a boatload of advertising dollars.