We have two!

So, for whatever reason, A and I actually have two of these wonderful floor cleaning apparatuses. (OK, true be told, we didn't realize that all that was wrong with our first one is that the batteries were bad... doh!) Anyway, whenever I break out my swiffer (mine is a beautiful purple), I feel like I'm in one of those 1950s ads/commercials where the woman is harmoniously singing or dancing while she works. Swiffering puts me in a great mood.

I would definitely suggest a swiffer to anyone with hard wood floors – or to anyone longing to be in a good mood.


Jenn said...

I am jealous of anyone who has hardwood floors b/c I enjoy the swiffer alot! My parents love theirs - ecspecially to clean up all the dog hair lady always left behind! It seemed to pick up everything and even dirt!

Just another reason why i can't wait to have a house!!

Michelle said...

Hmm, the jury (of one..me) is still out on this one. I can see how the regular swiffer - with no 'juice' - would be a nice tool to have. But I find the one I have, that contains a liquid, leaves my wood floors streaky and filmy.

But I like it because I feel like I get cleaning done in no time! It definitely makes it easier to mop floors, but the end result is somewhat sub-par for me.

JoKing said...

I've always been a fan of the swiffer wipes...never splurged on the actual device that the wipes are meant to be attached to though. This was my way out of cleaning the floors - I leave that to the hubby since 'it hurts my knees' and 'I hate to mop, it's just too much work.' However, last week my lovely hubby finally caught on and asked "why do we just own the wipes??" CAUGHT! We bought the whole deal at Walmart the next day. He put everything together and started using it when we got home. So, I have yet to use our new Swiffer, but it will only be a matter of time - I can no longer use my old excuses since our new purchase will allow me to easily clean the floors in an upright position. I'll keep you posted when I try it out :) I'm sure it's great, but I'll prolong cleaning the floors as long as possible.