What a night

Dear T-Roy,
What horrible, horrible luck you have. Two trips to the hospital in one week! First, you had a killer bee sting that swelled up your face, then, last night, you break your leg! (In the same week that you finally get your license back...) Anyway, glad we could be there for you last night. You always keep such a positive outlook on life.

Dear Midol,
I'm upset with you. In all the years I've trusted you to make me feel better, last night, you finally failed me. Not only did you NOT make me feel better, but you also kept me up for FIVE hours! Perhaps it wasn't a good idea to quit caffeine cold turkey. I felt like I had had 10 two liters of Mountain Dew from the 60 mg of caffeine you contain.

Dear Bravo,
You helped make my night so much easier. After a trip to the hospital made me miss Project Runway at the 10 spot last night, I was so ecstatic to turn on Bravo at 1 a.m. and learn that last week's episode was on. Since I constantly watch Bravo, I know that when you show one episode of a show, odds are, you're going to show all episodes of that show one after the other. You didn't fail me. You made things a little less painful for me when you aired last night's episode again from 2-3 a.m. Although I was saddened by the end result of the show (I really liked Malan for some reason), I was happy to be entertained in the early a.m. by something other than an awful infomercial. Also, thank you for airing celebrity poker after that. I like that as well. (I'm sure I'll do a recap of project runway later, but for now please read K's recap by clicking here.)

Dear Reader,
I'm feeling fairly dizzy and lightheaded at the moment, so sorry if none of this makes sense.

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